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Let’s Be Frank

wedge loft

How to Measure Wedge Loft

Frank, Is there a easy way to measure my wedge loft if it doesn't have...

Understanding Golf Ball Flight: The Aerodynamics

Playing golf and “driving” a golf ball with some degree of proficiency is difficult, and...
Buying a Golf Putter

12 Simple Rules for Buying a New Putter

“The putter is the most used and most important golf club in your bag. Let...

Simple Rules for Buying the Right Golf Equipment.

Be honest. What you really need is a swing change. But what you really want...

Golf Ball Dimples for Distance

Frank, I have always wondered why a golf ball has dimples? Would a smooth ball...
Frog Ball

Why Does a Putt Lip Out?

Hello Frank, Can you please explain why a putt lips out of the hole? Is it...

Driver Distance and Your Credit Card

Frank, A friend of mine consistently hits his driver right in the center (a problem...

Winter Golf Bag Storage?

Frank, I know that winter is on its way. Will storing my golf bag, clubs...

Effect of Temperature on Golf Ball Flight

Frank, I really enjoy reading your Q&A every week, so please keep it going. My question...

How to Improve Your Putting this Winter

Don’t let the cold weather get in the way of improving your putting this winter....