Putting pad

Putting Pad

"In golf, the most important distance is the five inches between the ears."

-  Bobby Jones


Do you want to LOVE PUTTING?

Hi! I am Valerie Thomas, co-founder of Frankly Golf and my mission is to help you love putting as much as I do!

Almost one-half of the strokes in a typical round are putts, so if you improve your putting your score will be lower and best of all ...you will have more fun.

The Putting PAD is dedicated to improving your performance on the green and is the place for any golfer, regardless of skill level, to learn to LOVE putting in a relaxed, friendly environment (with the help of cutting edge technology).

I will help you feel confident and capable, allowing you to relax and enjoy being on the green. Let's turn good days and bad days into good days and better days!

Located in Anstruther, Scotland (a short drive from St Andrews, the Home of Golf) the  Putting PAD is equipped with the latest neurofeedback technology (so we can literally see what's happening in your brain). This cutting-edge technology allows  us to guide you in training your mind, making it easier to achieve that elusive state of flow or "the zone." The benefits are tangible: increased confidence, enhanced consistency in all facets of your game, reduced anxiety, and ultimately, improved performance.

I also use kinematic analysis which is like an MRI for your putting stroke so we can see how your stroke reacts to changes in the putter or in the mental strategies we employ.

We have an indoor facility for training and then can take what we have learned out onto the green at the beautiful Anstruther Golf Club.

A wee bit about me.... I have a degree in psychology, including a special focus on the intricacies of brain activity during putting, as well as a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I have played golf internationally for Scotland and the state of Florida and have dedicated my career to working with golfers of all skill levels, aiding them in realizing their full potential. You can read more here.

I offer in person and online sessions. You can book using the calendar below. If you have any questions, please contact me by email hello@franklygolf.com or call me on +44 (0)795 1932 896. It's always nice to speak to a person these days!

I look forward to seeing you soon.