Mind coaching

Mind coaching

"In golf, the most important distance is the five inches between the ears."

-  Bobby Jones

At Frankly Golf, we have a deep understanding of the game that goes beyond the fairway. With our golf mind coaching and golf psychology services we're committed to assisting you in mastering the crucial five inches between your ears, helping you gain valuable insights into your golf performance.

Our co-founder, Valerie Thomas, is at the forefront of our mission. With a background in psychology, including a special focus on the intricacies of brain activity during putting, as well as expertise in sport and exercise science, Valerie brings a unique perspective to the world of golf. Her experience extends to international play for Scotland and the state of Florida. She has dedicated her career to working with golfers of all skill levels, aiding them in realizing their full potential.

Valerie is an Opti Brain Certified Professional, and she employs specialized equipment to analyze your brain activity.

This cutting-edge technology allows her to guide you in training your mind through biofeedback, making it easier to achieve that elusive state of flow or "the zone." The benefits are tangible: increased confidence, enhanced consistency in all facets of your game, reduced anxiety, and ultimately, improved performance.

The beauty of our golf mind coaching services is their accessibility. We offer both online and in-person consultations, with the specific location varying according to the season. You have the flexibility to choose the option that suits you best. To get started, simply explore the possibilities below and use our online calendar to book your session.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice golfer, Frankly Golf is here to help you elevate your game by mastering the mental aspects that often make all the difference on the golf course.

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