Blade Frankly Frog Putters

blade group - resized
Blade CS1 back

Frankly Frog Blade Putter – Center no Offset


Blade HS1 back

Frankly Frog Blade Putter – Heel


black grip

Frankly Frog Putter Grip- Paddle Style-Black


black blade headcover

Frankly Headcover: Frankly Frog Blade and F-16 Amber and Stealth


Blade CS3 back

Frankly Frog Blade Putter – Center Graphite with AGS


Why it works

The Blade Frankly Frog putter head is totally machined from a block of 6061aluminium, delivering a soft yet solid feel. Its design features two heavy tungsten weights, precisely positioned low and behind the face to give it perfect balance and an extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI) for a blade style putter, which means it provides maximum forgiveness both across and up and down the face.

It has a cleverly designed sole which prevents it snagging during the stroke and also accommodates your preferred lie angle.

It features bold white sight lines from toe to heel and front to back allowing for easy alignment.

Each Blade Frankly Frog putter is built with a specially designed paddle style grip which feels a little chunky in the hands and comes with a black boot style headcover with velcro closures.

You can select from a range of shaft options, either center or heel steel shafts or a center shafted graphite with our Alignment Guidance System which encourages better alignment and set up.

Center Steel: Delivers a balance view of the Frog head

Center Graphite with Alignment Guidance System (AGS): Making use of his design of the graphite shaft, Frank invented the Alignment Guidance System based on the fact that our eyes are very good at detecting 90 degree
right angles. The AGS is a white line that extends from the head up the black graphite shaft and provides a longer reference line to assist you in making sure that the Frog head is properly aligned at 90 degrees to the target line. It also allows you to make sure that your hands are in the correct position at setup, not too far forward or too far back because you will see it immediately because of the white line.

Heel Steel: For golfers who prefer to see the complete alignment lines front to back and toe to heel, uninterrupted.

Blade Frankly Frog Putters Specifications:

Loft: 4 degrees

Length: 31”. 32”, 33”, 34” 35” or Custom available

Lie angle: 72 degrees (+/- 5 degrees as the unique radius sole adjusts to the golfer)

Head material: 6061 Aluminium / Solid miled construction / 3 way milled face

Weights: Tungsten

Head Weight: 350 grams - Face balanced (this means that the putter face will want to stay square to the plane of your stroke)

Dimensions: 4 inches toe to heel, 1 ¾ inches face to back

Grip: Frankly Golf Paddle style

Headcover: Black Boot style with Frankly logo and velcro closures

Color Options: -

Shaft Options: Center steel, Center Graphite with Alignment Guidance System, Heel steel. All Frogs are face balanced and perform the same way regardless of shaft option choice, as they are all face balanced. Shaft option should be based on personal preference.


Marker 1

Precision CNC Machined Aluminium Head: For Solid but soft feel


Marker 2

Tungsten Stabilizers: Strategic positioning concentrates weight low and behind the face to deliver perfect balance and unparalleled forgiveness


Marker 2

Tungsten Stabilizers: Strategic positioning concentrates weight low and behind the face to deliver perfect balance and unparalleled forgiveness


Marker 3

Bold White Sight Lines: Easy Alignment


Marker 4

Drag-Resistant Flange: Allows Frog to glide over the green


Marker 5

Lie-Right Radius Sole: Eliminates adjustments by accommodating +?- 5 degrees of lie angle


Marker 6

Milled face: Ensures perfect contact, everytime